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    With Information Technology poised for a great leap upscale, the gains extended by it will touch each and every sector of global industrial, economic and social domain. Education is not an exception; and ensuing times, undoubtedly, will witness dramatic upsurge in growth of IT & Digital Infrastructure across the horizon of Basic & Higher Education Sector all across the globe . Information Technology has become a key enabler for all verticals as it acts a backbone for everyday functions, processes, applications and management. Internationally school are raking in billions of dollars to build and improve their IT infrastructure to an elevated level to run School Management operations (like Admissions, HRD affairs, Fee Collection, Transport Management, Hostels Administration, Library Management etc.) in a productive and efficient manner. Each educational institute wants to put in place a comprehensive bi-directional communication channel between staff & parents and students as two polarities. In a scenario, where SMART devices based on web and mobile apps are becoming integral & important parts of our life, education vertical calls for specific applications of the technology to further social and economic gains for all the stakeholders. Advancements in IT have a bearing on socioeconomic trends having a profound implication on the functioning of schools and universities. Considering all factors, needs and requirements of schools, colleges, institutes and other educational bodies, Hex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has come forward with a smart app i.e. mySkoolApp™ , as a complete one-stop-destination product for all the needs of basic and higher education sector in different academic settings.

    Enormous Opportunity to Serve 250 Million+ Institutes Globally

    There lies an enormous opportunity to serve 250 million+ Schools worldwide (as per different online estimates).  Hex’s mySkoolApp™ , powered by modern cloud technology improves efficiency, productivity & proficiency of admin staff & teachers and augment parents’ involvement in  reinforcing quality in their child’s education  - thanks to our mobile & web easy to use interfaces. The amazing features inherent to mySkoolApp™ have helped surge the market demand of the product, thereby offering exciting opportunities for our business partners to shine bright & grow fast buoyed by reliable, tested & trusted quality solutions.



    Clinch the Best Suitable Partnership Option...

    AS a Channel Partner

    This partnership offers the option to individual/business unit to see mySkoolAppTM Product and services in a pre- determined geographical domain.You have a existing business or plan for astart up, leverage the right oppottunity.

    Eligibility Requirements
    • Sales and Marketing experience or the zeal to experience it
    • Software Sales is a plus point (optional)
    • References/ Experience of dealing with School/ Institutes
    • Availability as an individual/ business unit
    • Ability to respond on customer leads & follow-ups
    • Sell on myskoolapp brand with standard Terms & Conditions

    AS on OEM Partner

    With this partnership option myskoolappTM opportunity to embed and integgrate myskoolappTM with your online application or school hardware solution.Don't re-invent the wheel, save your money and time if you are planing to build aERP solution.

    Eligibility Requirements
    • Clear and Transport mutually agreeable JVC
    • Share business needs for defined geographical domain
    • Well defined roles and responsibilities
    • Bi-directional Product Training and Support
    • Benefits from the joint venture for both business-partners
    • Comprehensive Technical Support

    Facts About Our Team

    • Passion for customers
    • Honesty
    • Teamwork
    • Commitment to excellence and people
    • individual respect and responsibility
    • Experienced commercial support
    • Business Setup Guidance
    • Dedicated Account manager
    • Share local leads & contacts
    • Translation to other language
    • Expert technical support
    • Sales & technical tranings
    • International customization
    • Promotion of integrated solutions
    • Auto updates of new features

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